2018 Season Standings June 30, 2018

New York Knights22140.6111123
Vernal Equinox35250.583   ---- 
Arizona Heat29220.5691.5 
Galapagos Tortoises34290.542.5 
Emerald City Osprey21180.5383.5 
Jackson Hole Guides20280.4179 
St. George Sun Rays27210.563   ----114
Washington Generals20220.4764 
Chesapeake Crabs26310.4565.5 
Central Valley Condors17220.4365.5 
California Dragons18240.4296 
Malibu Wave25380.3979.5 



Sup Draft Today - Missing Series - Games Played

By LuckyUte
Aug 29, 2015


Great job finishing up the last round of games. Thanks to Steve Weiser for helping out a friend in need and playing all those games.

The supplemental draft will be held at 10AM MDT (Noon EDT). Attached is the current roster for the draft and here is the draft order:

1. Jackson .325 2. Washington .421 3. Arizona .417 4. Vernal .462 5. Emerald City .465 6. California .470 7. Malibu .512 8. Central Valley .550 9. St. George .553 10. Chesapeake .585 11. New York .589 12. Galapagos .651

Here is what I have for games played. Everyone has met the deadline.

Total Games Played AZH 132 CAD 132 ECO 129 CVC 129 GAT 126 CHC 123 JAG 123 MAW 129 NYK 129 SGS 132 VEE 132 WAG 126

Here are the missing series, there are not many at all, and I am sure some have been played and I just missed the results in the wave of emails.

May 4-6 Game 31-33 Emerald City at Chesapeake

August 3-7 Game 109-111 Jackson at Washington

August 7-9 Game 112-114 Cen Valley at Jackson

August 14-16 Game 118-120 Washington at Jackson

August 21-23 Game 124-126 Chesapeake at Galapagos

August 24-26 Game 127-129 Galapagos at Chesapeake

Aug 28-30 Game 130-132 Malibu at New York

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