2020 Final Standings

Arizona Heat10161.623---- 
Emerald City Osprey9072.55611 
Vernal Equinox8874.54313 
Galapagos Tortoises8280.50619 
New York Knights7191.43830 
Jackson Hole Guides50112.30951 
Washington Generals10359.636   ---- 
Malibu Wave8775.53716 
Chesapeake Crabs8379.51220 
St. George Sunrays8082.49423 
California Dragons7686.46927 
Central Valley Condors61101.37742 



2016 Season

By LuckyUte
Jan 01, 2016


I am awaiting two things and then I can send out the yearbook. I need the MVP of the ECO NYK first round series and I need the final result of the SGS CHC series and the MVP. Once I have those three pieces of data I will send the yearbook to everybody.

Congrats to Galapagos for their league championship.

For the next few days, if you want to propose rule changes, please post them on the Fool board and then we can do a poll.

As for the draft, based on the emails received, it seems that the 9th is preferred, but that based on schedule the 16th is better.

Therefore, the draft will be held on JANUARY 16, 2015 at a time to be determined.

Thanks all.

2014 Free Agent Draft

By LuckyUte
Jan 04, 2014


It seems I have been badly outvoted and we will have the draft on the 11th. As I mentioned, I am in out of town that day for work but will be finished with work by about Noon EST and back to my hotel by about 1PM EST. As such, we should be able to start the draft as early as 2PM EST, which is Noon MST. I should have internet at the hotel so I can SKYPE.

Does that work for everybody?

Since Steve R. is out, then I am open for discussions on what to do on drafting from CHC and GAT. Please post suggestions.

Thanks all.

2013 Free Agent Draft

By LuckyUte
Jan 01, 2013


The date of the draft will be January 12, 2013 at 10AM MST. I will be on Skype 1/2 hour before. The protected rosters are posted as the Oct 2012 version and the draft order is posted above.

Comments and suggestions on rule changes as posted are welcome through January 9 at which time polls will be posted for voting.

Thanks all

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