2018 Season Standings June 30, 2018

New York Knights22140.6111123
Vernal Equinox35250.583   ---- 
Arizona Heat29220.5691.5 
Galapagos Tortoises34290.542.5 
Emerald City Osprey21180.5383.5 
Jackson Hole Guides20280.4179 
St. George Sun Rays27210.563   ----114
Washington Generals20220.4764 
Chesapeake Crabs26310.4565.5 
Central Valley Condors17220.4365.5 
California Dragons18240.4296 
Malibu Wave25380.3979.5 



Rosters Posted and Updated Standings

By LuckyUte
Sep 30, 2014

Managers: The 25 man protected rosters for all teams have now been posted under the rosters section. Also, it looks like we have a nice pennant race for both the Aaron and Mays titles. Good luck to all.

Play Ball!

By LuckyUte
Apr 06, 2014

I have sent an email to all managers with the league file which you can use to load the league into your computer. As always, simply save this file to your computer where you know where it is, and then open the game, go to League>Restore League and select this file.

Also, I have posted the drafts and the current rosters here on the website. Please make sure that everything is right.

Play Ball.

Draft and Rosters

By LuckyUte
Feb 16, 2013


The 2013 Free Agent Draft and the Rosters as of today are now posted. Please let me now if i have made any errors.


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